Power hammers are only as versatile as the dies available for them. At iron-to-live-with we know this and carry a large assortment of them. Our available inventory may change, depending on how fast we are selling out our stock. Our dies are designed to be interchangeable between all size Say-Mak and Sayha hammers. The new models have a slot milled into the dovetail and are backward compatible with our older hammers. They are made from 4140 steel and made in Turkey, except for one type which is made from S7 and made in the US. This particular one comes with its own keys and is slightly taller. If desired it can be ground down by the customer to a specific shape like drawing die, tapered die etc. S7 material is extremely tough and will best withstand use in mass production of forged parts.

These are the dies we have currently in stock.

power hammers

Dies - all sorts.  As long as supplies last!